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For more than 16 years, Russian Resources Sdn Bhd’s purpose is to assist students with their applications and completion for their tertiary education qualifications at top ranking Russian universities and institutes. Our comprehensive services will ensure that our students are well taken care for from start to finish.

The company, founded in 1997 to date has successfully assisted over 1400 Malaysian students including JPA, Mara and state-sponsored students in pursuing their medical education in Russia.

As a liaison between the Russian institutions, and students, Russian Resources ensures that applications to institutions, student visa processing, initial travel arrangements, and student housing arrangements are properly coordinated. Also, students leaving for the first time to Russia through us are accompanied and met at the airport, and subsequently, brought to the University for registration.

At Russian Resources, we are concerned about our students’ welfare. As part of our service, we assist students to resolve administrative issues during the course of their study in Russia. We also provide the service of handling tuition fee payments to the Russian medical institutions.

Russian Resources regularly participates and organises exhibits in nationwide Education Fairs and Schools.

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