Information & registration wave of development money:

Registration wave Period Discount Development Money
First Wave (I) July-December 50%
Second Wave (II) January February 40%
Third Wave (III) March April 30%
Fourth Wave (IV) May-June 20%
Special Semester! (Case by case basis) July-August 0%

Attention: Registration date open till June 30th !

Steps to sign up studies in Russia:

1. Fill out the registration form.

2. Paying the registration fee amounting to RM 295.00 and attach the  value of report cards / UN to do pre-screening. If  the pre-screening fails, the registration fee will be refunded.

3. If it passes the pre-screening, pay an administration fee of RM1,200, attach with a  valid passport, along with the application form from the university, and then “Admission Letter”  will be issued by  the university as a sign you have been accepted by the university.

4. Paying development money of RM 15,000 – RM 35,000  (depending on your registration wave) and the cost of bank charges . Payment of development fees signifies you to receive a position to lecture at the university and the position will be allocated to you.

5. Taking care of all the required documents such as (birth certificate, medical check-ups, etc.) along with translation, legalization at the embassy, visas, etc. This measure will cost about RM4,000

6. Waiting for a predetermined time to leave for Russia. Usually at the beginning of September each year.


Application forms can be obtained from our office in Penang. Please contact us so we can advise you on completing the relevant forms.

Submission for Application

  1. A) Please ensure that the following items are included in your application:
  • 1) A fully completed Pre-screening form
  • 2) A fully completed Application form for Admission to Higher Education Institution in Russia
  • 3) A fully completed Visa Application form
  • 4) 6 photocopies of actual SPM results (certified by your school) and 6 translated copies (in English) of your actual SPM results (for medical students only)
  • 5) 6 photocopies of your International Passport (inside front cover with photograph, and the passport expiry date must be more than 18 months from the date of travel)
  • 6) 6 photocopies of your Identity Card (verified by your school)
  • 7) 6 photocopies of your Birth Certificate (verified by your school) and 6 translated copies (in English) of your Birth Certificate (for medical students only)
  • 8) 30 passport-sized colour photographs and 10 passport-sized black and white photographs (printed on non-glossy paper). Please write your name behind each photograph
  • 9) 2 original sets of Medical Report
  • 10) A fully complete 1 set of Borang KPT/SSLN (for medical students only)
  1. B) Medical Report:
  • A report from your doctor on your general health is required. We will advise you on the requirements of this health screening, including a blood test report. HIV test is required to obtain Student Multiple Entries visa. Certain medical tests might be repeated in Russia annually and a nominal sum of money will be charged by the university.

Russian Intake :

Each Russian academic year comprises of 2 semesters:

  • First semester starts in September/October and ends around mid-January
  • Second semester starts around the second week of February and ends around end of June

Winter vacation is from mid-January to first week of February and summer vacation is from early July to late August.

The above are approximate dates, and may vary for different institutions

Commencement dates for 2016/2017 :

  • The duration of Medical Degree Programs in Russia is 6 (six) years and it will commence in SEPT/OCT 2016.
  • The duration of non-Medical Degree Programs in Russia is 4 (four) years and it will commence in SEPT/OCT 2016.
  • The duration of Russian Language Preparatory Course is 1 (one) year and it will commence SEPT/OCT 2016.

Want to register? Use the form below if you are interested to study in Russia.