Studying medicine and becoming a doctor has always been a childhood dream job for many. It is known as a respected career that families would look up to and pressure you into taking. Yet, everyone knows how hard and mentally draining it can be. But is it really worth it? Here, we listed out the top reasons why you should give studying medicine a try.



Studying medicine allows you to have diverse career options. There are so many opportunities that can come your way when you choose medicine and so many fields for you to explore – general. During your medical studies, you will be tasked to do Housemanship which allows you to work in all the different fields it has to offer and from there, you can find the right one that suits you best. Practical, isn’t it? Other than being a medical professional, you can also explore other alternative careers such as being a researcher, lecturer or even a medical journalist. Whatever you choose, you can always find something you love in this field.



Most occupations in the medical field are irreplaceable and are always in demand. With the current face-paced and ever-growing world, we have somehow become a work-oriented society where people are becoming more and more negligent towards their health, often leaving their health (body and mind) in bad shape. This is specifically why we are in need of medical professionals, more than ever, in order to help society keep their health in check and their lifestyle back on track. Especially with the rise of various types of diseases, from flu and viruses, to even causing a global pandemic, many have realized that we now require the skills of a doctor.

Researchers have concluded 7 tipping points that we will go through by 2030 where they mentioned how many jobs are being replaced by robots, fortunately, doctors, nurses, etc., will never get to be replaced by technology, providing you with a secure and growing future.



While the salary is great, many decided to become a doctor to give back to society and impact lives by helping others to ease their pain and suffering. Studying medicine and working as a medical professional helps you make a real difference and appreciate life better. Only those in this field can understand what it feels like to help someone give a second chance at life. No doubt that any job in this field is a noble job, sacrificing time and energy for the sake of helping others. No matter where you go, people will always look up to you for the impact that you may have brought to others. No matter where you go, you will always know how tiny we are in this world and what you can do to help make it a better place.



The road in the medical field is no easy journey, that’s for sure. You will be in charge of handling a person’s life, of course it’s not going to be easy. You would have to take a minimum of 5 years at least to finish medical school. Even when you are finally a qualified medical practitioner, the challenge does not stop there. Every day, you will meet new people of different backgrounds with different symptoms and you have to figure out what those symptoms meant. You might also need to do some research on symptoms you have never come upon. But that’s what makes it fun! A challenging journey is thrilling and every day you get to learn new things. This way, not only would you be able to challenge your medical knowledge, but you would also have to practice your communication skills and improve your emotional intelligence as well. Take things one step at a time and be prepared for what awaits you.



Medical practitioners are needed everywhere. It is up to you to choose which place or country you wish to stay and work. While some of our alumni has decided to come home to Malaysia and contribute their service here, many others decided to stay in Russia or work in other countries. If you’re worried about being certified, don’t be! The Russian medical degree is listed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), meaning that you can work in any country you want. Keep in mind that only General Medicine is fully certified in Malaysia. However, don’t be discouraged. You can still practice other medical professions as well but you might have to go through a couple more years of working under supervision before you are fully registered.

Medicine Courses Available

Our Recommended Universities for Medicine

Volgograd State Medical University (VSMU)
Privolzhsky Research Medical University (PRMU)

Minimum Requirements

*Any further requirements may be referred to the Malaysian Medical Council. 

Why Study MBBS in Russia?

Globally Recognised

Practical Oriented Curriculum

Simulation Centres Provided

Clinical Internships Available

What to Expect?

Time & Energy Consuming

As mentioned, studying medicine can be very challenging – which means you will be sacrificing your time and energy from exams to practical and clinical work. To survive in this field, you will need top-notch time-management and multitasking skills. These are all just preparation for when you start working at the real thing. Contact our consultants to know the study duration to study medicine in Russia based on your qualifications.

Study Cost

A medical degree can be quite expensive. Some students ended up spending more than expected and had to spend years trying to pay off student debt. However, the study cost for a medical degree in Russia is known to be one of the most affordable in Europe. Roughly, it can cost just as much as studying at private universities in your respective countries. For a more detailed quotation, you may contact us directly as different universities charges differently.

Language Medium

The Russian language can be quite difficult to learn especially for beginners and only very few universities in Russia offer English medium for medicine programs. Our recommended universities offer English medium for international students to study in Russia. However, we would recommend opting for the Russian medium instead as not only will you get to learn a new language, but you are also able to learn more and grasp a better understanding of the subject. Although learning a new language can be difficult, especially while studying medicine, it would all be worth it as you will get to experience engaging with patients more effectively.